Tantric Lingam/Yoni Massage

$120/30mins $180/45mins $220/1HR $320/90mins $400/2hrs

**100% Nude**Includes Erotic Elements**

The massage session will begin with a relaxing massage over the back of your body (lying face down) for the first half; during this time you will experience a massage with the masseurs on either side of your body moving symmetrically from head to toe, to relax the muscles for breathing and pelvic movement. This treatment aids to open the tantric channel and prepare the body to experience bliss for an extended period.

    For the later half of the session you’re invited to turn and face upward for the Lingam Massage for men (which includes your perineum, testes, shaft, foreskin and pons) or Yoni Massage for women (which inclides the inner and outer labia, vulva, clitoris and hood, perineum, and vaginal wall).

Tantra harnesses breath and channels arousing energy from less obvious erogenous zones and redirects them to the areas of higher sensitivity, you are encouraged to be present to your body & its sensations as you move towards an orgasmic state. Often called “riding the edge”, this practice requires self awareness and control, but is guaranteed to leave you blissful for the end!

  • Benefits of a Tantric Massage:
  • Improvement of health and vitality
  • Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions of men and women
  • Alleviation of blocked emotions
  • Cultivation of contentment and joy
  • Ignition of a spiritual realization
  • Improvement of orgasmic and pleasure potential
  • ………. and more!

Couple’s Tantra Coaching

$300/1HR $400/90mins $500/2hrs

For couple’s who wish to learn how to massage and pleasure one another.

You can expect to learn about:

  • Massaging your lover
  • Body worship
  • Lingam Massage (for your man)
  • Yoni Massage (for your woman)

Also may be included in your session upon request:

  • Balancing the Lover’s Companionship VS the Lover’s Challenge
  • God & Goddess Worship Rituals
    • “What does love mean to you?”
    • “How do I love you?” (Visually, Touch, Sound, Aromas, Mental, Emotional)
    • “I feel loved when…”
  • What is the Animas?
    • Learning to sense & love your own Animas
    • Embodying your lover’s animas
  • Tantric Energy Exchange Rituals
    • Creating Loving Space (preparing the Lover’s Space) through:
      • Visuals (Lights, Colour);
      • Touch (Hot-Cold, Dry-Wet, Hard-Soft)
      • Sound
      • Aroma
      • (Taste)   
  • Energy Exchange
    • Sensing and moving Ener-chi
    • The heart circuit
    • Holding space Listening
    • “What do you feel?”
  • Heart connection
    • Back-to-back breathing union
    • Hand on the heart
      • Sensing your heart-beat
      • Sensing your lover’s heart-beat
  • Eye Gazing
  • Hand Holding
  • Healing touch
    • Gentle touch
    • “Melt into me” comforting touch
    • Sensitive touch
  • Loving Embrace
  • Cuddling

{Astrology Chart Readings ~Individual and Synnastry Charts~ Available for Couple’s that send in their Birth info ahead of time: Info must incl. BIRTHDATE, BIRTHYEAR, TIME OF BIRTH, PLACE OF BIRTH for and Additional $50 }

Tantric Channel & Kundalini Breath On-Line Coaching

$40USD/30mins $60USD/45mins $80USD/1HR $100USD/90mins $120USD/2hrs

Join me from the comfort of your home to learn all about the Tantric Channel to align your sexual centre with your whole body through the power of your own breath. Our live on-line sessions will teach you all about harnessing your tantric energy to improve your vitality.

This personalized coaching can also help you heal and balance your sexual drives, as well as physical issues such as pain or discomfort during arousal, P.E., E.D., foreskin hypertension, sexual anxiety, and much more…

Payments can be made using Pay-Pal or e-Transfer. I can be contacted over SnapChat or WhatsApp to connect over video Chat.

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