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Specializing in Massage of the pelvic floor & Tantric Massage to improve motion, tissue health, function & sensation of the pelvis and gonads


Join me from the comfort of your home to learn all about the Tantric Channel to align your sexual centre with your whole body through the power of your own breath. Our live on-line sessions will teach you all about harnessing your tantric energy to improve your vitality.

This personalized coaching can also help you heal and balance your sexual drives, as well as physical issues such as pain or discomfort during arousal, P.E., E.D., foreskin hypertension, sexual anxiety, and much more….

read more about my On-Line Sessions and my other services on my Dakini Danielle’s Services page.

Tantric Lingam/Yoni Massage Online Coaching

Healing Massage Techniques to align and heal the body’s erogenous zones to releases stored emotions in the body.
**Discovering Tantra will help to free you of restraints you have put on your own sexual pleasure, and transports these feelings throughout the body. Tantra massage moves beyond the obvious erotic zones.

Couple’s Tantra Online coaching

EFor couple’s who wish to learn how to massage and pleasure one another. You can expect to learn about:

  • Massaging your lover
  • Body worship
  • Lingam Massage (for your man)
  • Yoni Massage (for your woman)
Tantric Channel & Kundalini Breath Online Coaching

Learn how to harness your tantric channel by directing your breath through your pelvic floor. You will learn how to control and temper your vitality through the yin line (to promote relaxation) and through the yang line (to promote stimulation). This breathing modality will awaken your kundili energy to bring you to a state of tantric bliss.

What is Tantra?

In practice, tantra brings sexual awareness:
of weaving the sexual and spiritual planes together in order to transcend both;
by engaging in deeply meditative sexual arousal over an extended period of time (this practice is commonly called “Edging”).

What is a Dakini?

A Dakini – aka a “Tantrika” or “Sky Goer” – is an Advanced Practitioner/Teacher of Tantra.

benefits of tantric massage
  • Improvement of health and vitality
  • Treatment of common sexual dysfunctions of men and women
  • Alleviation of blocked emotions
  • Cultivation of contentment and joy
  • Ignition of a spiritual realization
  • Improvement of orgasmic and pleasure potential
    • ………. and more!
About Me

My name is Danielle
I am a Dakini,
Tantric & Massage Practitioner, of over 10 years.

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